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3 reasons why CND PLEXIGEL is so great !

Why is CND PLEXIGEL so great?

There are 3 reasons why CND PLEXIGEL gel is great. Being the most recent product to launch into the market place,  it  won’t surprise you to know that this product has brought about another revolution from its manufacturers CND. Let me give you a little history lesson… Having worked in the nail enhancement industry for almost 30 years you could say i have been around the block a few times. There have always been trends and fashions when it comes to colour, length and shape of nails but only a few major shifts in the popularity of the systems themselves.

I started in the industry during the 90’s when the predominant system available was still powder and liquid acrylic. I trained in this system and fibreglass and always favored the fibreglass for its natural profile and unparalelled strength to thickness ratio. It suited the clientelle at that time who wanted their extensions to be ‘under the radar’ ! Nail extensions were always finished with a nail polish/laquer and as a technician at the time cost you valuable time  (re-polishing, smudged nails)  and money as the client was in the salon much longer attempting to dry their nail lacquer. That was until…(from the makers of CND PLEXIGEL )came CND Shellac. A product i know you have all heard of!

This was in my opinion the biggest revolution in the nail industry in my many years of service. Nail colour that was immediately dry, smudge proof, chip resistant and glossy. As a technician i have never looked back. Of course there a re many other brands offering gel polish ranges now but gel colour is always referred to a s SHELLAC by clients no matter the brand as that is the name everyone remembers. So i have happily been continuing with my dipped acrylic or fibreglass nail extensions and gel polish ever since UNTIL… CND went and did it again.

I became aware of the launch as i was eagerly watching the industry standards online during the first lock down, waiting to see how the industry was going to respond to new Covid 19 restrictions. It was a worrying time in many ways. For me wondering how long it would be before being allowed to return to work, what work was going to look like as i was travelling from client to client prior to Covid 19 and that was not going to be able to continue. CND PLEXIGEL came into my life at the perfect time!


At that unprecedented time of fear and uncertainty all many of us wanted was to be able to do normal things but in a safe environment. At Nail Expressions we were forced to create a purpose-built Nail Bar taking into account all of the requirements that the government guidelines insisted upon. This came at considerable expense at a time when people were not allowed to breach the 2m social distancing rules. We needed alot of bums on seats to pay for the salon. With a still the same number of working hours in a day. We  needed a rapid turnaround of clients with no overlap in between (in order to reduce the number of people in the space at any one time)  CND came to the rescue on 2 fronts… Shellac meant no dryingh time for clients nails, they were able to leave immediately after treatment with no hanging around to dry off and then CND PLEXIGEL… the main event.

CND PLEXIGEL – Reason 1 – Its an all-in-one enhancement system

Clients come into the salon with a lot of different needs, some just need a cosmetic colour change, others need repairs, nails are torn down or chipped in the corner. CND PLEXIGEL has a remedy to fix all of these issues in one system so no need for a million products all with a different purpose. As a technician ,this allows you to streamline your suppliers and reduce your expenditure. As a client, you know your technician will always have what they need to fix any number of problems, without the need to file down all of your nails.

CND PLEXIGEL – Reason 2 – Its a self leveling ultra glossy product

The self- leveling formula requires no mixing, dipping,or buffing. This means less work as a technician to produce a high-end finish that your clients will love. As a client the reduced preparation and finishing means less dust, less potential for damage to your natural nail by an overzelous technician. You will find your nails have never been so protected and tough.

CND PLEXIGEL – Reason 3- It Lasts

This product offers length, strength and flexibility in a way no other product that i have ever used before. I have had multiple new clients start off with bitten down and virtually non-existent natural nails that have started with a full set of extensions with CND PLEXIGEL as the overlay. With regular maintenance every 3 weeks the extensions have grown out to become just overlays on the natural nails with beautiful length strength and shape.  No soak off was required just an infill and colour update every 3 weeks. I have never been so satisfied in my work and my clients have never been happier.

So What are you waiting for???

If you have any questions about CND PLEXIGEL that haven’t been answered here then feel free to call us or message us for more information. We still offer lots of alternatives to CND PLEXIGEL including Fibreglass. acrylic and Polygel but 99% of our client base has switched over and tried CND PLEXIGEL 9 even those that have had acrylics for over 25 years) and haven’t looked back. They love the high shine, the flawless long lasting finish, reduced breakages and reduced lifting. Clients are no longer soaking off their sets every 3-4 months as they are happy with the strength and condition of their natural nails. To see a full list of our prices click here >>PRICE LIST


 Please feel free to check out our reviews on Google and see for yourself.

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