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If you are looking for Gel nails Maidstone then look no further. Whether its fingers or toes our Gel nail treatment is perfect. It consists of a nail and cuticle tidy followed by gentle nail preparation. Once fully prepped and the colour chosen we apply a primer/ base coat  we then apply one of our UV Gel products such as Smartgel, Shellac, Gellux, Gel FX, etc…. depending on colour.  A clear extra shiny gel top coat is applied to the finished nails and then the surface is wiped clean using a finishing product.

The beauty of Gel Polish is that your nails will be fully dry and chip resistant. No need to wait around for hours hoping not to smudge them. This treatment usually lasts 2-3 weeks on fingers depending on lifestyle and longer on the toes as they endure less damage and are slower growing.

So for Shellac Nails Maidstone or Gel Nails Maidstone you have come to the right people. We have approximately 100 colours from various brands for our Gel treatments, so many colours for everyone to chose from…

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Gel Nails Maidstone
Frequently Asked Questions about Acrylic Nail Extensions

Gel Nails Maidstone - How long do they last?

Gel polish when applied to natural nails lasts approximately 2-3 weeks depending on lifestyle. Gel polish lasts longer when applied to nail extensions.

Gel Nails Maidstone - Does gel polish damage my Nails?

Gel polish is very flexible and the preparation is gentle. When applied and removed by a professional it will not damage your natural nails.

Gel Nails Maidstone - How do I remove them?

The surface of the gel needs to be gently buffed to break the seal and then nails need to be soaked in acetone or wrapped in an acetone wrap. Check out our how to video tutorial for help and to see the process in action.


If you are looking for Gel Nails Maidstone then get in touch – Nail Expressions offers something for everyone. Gel Polish or Nail Extensions we are experienced in a  substantial range of Nail Enhancement Systems including Fibreglass Nail Extensions, Overlays and so much more. We also offer nail art (available on request- additional charges apply). Have a look on our instagram or facebook page for inspiration

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