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Fibreglass Nails Maidstone – Fibreglass as a system is one of the oldest systems for Nail Extensions. It is most suited to those who want a very natural thin profiled nail extension. The strength comes from the fabric of the fibreglass which is saturated in a really strong resin. Because structure comes from the fibers within this product does not need a chunky profile for strength. It is fine around the edges and the regrowth is barely noticeable.

They offer moisture resistance so are great for those who have their hands in water a lot such as hairdressers but are best suited to a short to moderate length nail extension.

Nail extensions, also known as tips, are made from lightweight plastic and are cut to the shape of your nail. You natural nail is gently buffed and then the tips are glued on to your own nails, shaped to your preference (square nails / stiletto nails / coffin nails) blended to create a natural look and overlaid with acrylic to secure and strengthen the tips. 

The newly created nail is then filed and buffed smooth by hand (no drills allowed) and ready for your desired finish, either polish (included) or gel polish (additional £10).

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Fibreglass Nails Maidstone

Fibreglass Nails Maidstone FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about Acrylic Nail Extensions

How long do they last?

Fibreglass nail extensions last approximately 3 months as long as you have regular maintenance which should be done every 2-3 weeks depending on lifestyle and the rate of growth of your natural nail. 

Do they damage my Nails?

Fibreglass nails are designed to be strong. Damage to the natural nail is only incurred if the nail extensions removed by force. As long as the nails are applied at a length you can manage and removed professionally they will be fine. 

How do I remove them?

Fibreglass nails can easily be removed using either an acetone bath or an acetone wrap. They soak off in approximately 30 minutes. Check out our how to video tutorial for help and to see the process in action.

If you are looking for Fibreglass Nails Maidstone then get in touch – Nail Expressions offers a substantial range of Nail Enhancement Systems including Fibreglass Nail Extensions, Overlays and so much more so there is something to suit everyone. You can have them finished in either gel polish or normal polish and nail art is available on request- additional charges apply. Have a look on our instagram or facebook page for inspiration

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