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Nail Therapy – Great for Mental Health

Why Nail Techs are the go-to therapist for so many people

Nail Therapy – Can it be good for your mental health ? Let’s be honest: Nail Technicians know way too much for their own good. Imagine your Nail Tech driving home at the end of the day, tired not only from filing nails all day but also because she’s spent hours listening to her clients and providing advice about a wide range of emotional problems. Nail Technicians are the go-to therapist for countless women, providing two services—a manicure and therapy—that everyone needs on a fairly regular basis.

But why do us ladies feel so comfortable sharing such personal—and often painful details—of our lives with someone who hasn’t received mental health training? I’ve been giving this some thought and came up with this…


We believe there is value in sharing your thoughts and feelings with Nail Techs even if they haven’t been trained in mental health issues. 

The truth is that many of the people we listen to the most haven’t had any mental health training at all (Oprah, anyone?), but their experiences have taught them an awful lot about human behavior.

Similarly, Nail Techs spend hours listening to clients and often have helpful feedback to share.


Firstly think about the physical situation when you are having your nails done. Although you are sitting very close and opposite each other, for most of the treatment your Nail Tech is looking down, focusing her gaze at your nails rather than looking directly at your face ( very different to a counselor or therapist). This makes you feel far less exposed as you share your most personal thoughts. This physical situation allows the Nail technician to respond without feeling intrusive.

Second, most people need to talk to some degree about conflicts they have in their lives, but they don’t necessarily want to go deep. (Come to think of it, sharing your sins with your Nail tech isn’t that different from a quick trip to confession where a congregant drops a bombshell behind a closed door with a priest, and goes back out into the world feeling better—and absolved—10 minutes later.) At the salon, a client can share these details but not have to worry that the Nail tech will hold them accountable or judge them.

Finally, i think women get personal and share—or overshare?—with a Nail Tech because, quite honestly, they are fun. They have fine-tuned and crafted their sense of humor after spending thousands of hours mastering the art of conversation while clients sit in their chairs. In contrast to a light -hearted Nail Tech, therapists can seem a little …boring. And if “boring” is not the right word, “appropriate” certainly is.

While people want their therapists to be professional, Nail Techs have the freedom to be serious and catty, or outrageous and sweet, in turns. If these professions were culinary dishes, the Nail Tech would be spicy and aromatic, while the therapist would be healthful and low-calorie.

Happy Nails = Happy Heart

If putting the world to rights, off loading your troubles and having a good old chat with a warm friendly person isn’t therapy enough, having beautiful looking nails to stare at, will at least, distract you from your woes…


Just to be clear, we make excellent listeners, make no judgements and your secrets are safe with us. You can relax safe in the knowledge that as with a therapist, what is discussed at your appointment stays between technician and client and you can leave feeling unloaded, lighter and ready to face the world again 🙂

So to get beautiful nails and a mental uplift book an appointment with us, check us out, we are happy to hear your troubles and fix your nails….

Nail Therapy By Ceri Ryder- Nail Expressions Maidstone

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