Making the Best of Being a Mobile Nail Technician during Covid-19

Personal interaction is rapidly becoming a limited resource while we strive to follow social distancing rules and slow the spread of COVID-19. Staying away from friends and family is one thing, but physical touch is essential for carrying out Nail treatments. Being a mobile Nail Technician, touch is critical to our business, we had to decide what we were going to do…

You may be worried about the impact that COVID-19 is having on our business Nail Expressions. Having to stop working in order to follow the government directives on social distancing was not a decision we took lightly or easily. We have worried about how we would survive both economically and physically. Many small businesses will struggle to survive, and to make sure we are one of them we are getting creative… Here’s what we are doing to ensure that we’re waiting for you on the other side.  

Mobile Nail Technician

8 things we are doing to come out of this corona virus pandemic stronger….

1. Making the best of being a Mobile Nail Technician during Covid-19 - Retail to the Rescue

We know that having your nails done regularly and professionally, is the ideal scenario but while social distancing that is not possible so we have spent time creating a ‘how to’ video tutorial demonstrating how to carry out acrylic nail removal at home. We have also put together acrylic nail removal kits for your use at home and offered to deliver to your door following social distancing rule of course. To watch this video click HERE


2. Making the best of being a Mobile Nail Technician during Covid-19 - Seeking Community Assistance

Just because our business has had to close doesn’t mean the good work has to stop. While we are planning for our relaunch, we will be asking for your help to spread the word. We’ve set up a review campaign, gathering testimonials to use when we can open again. You can leave us a review on Yell,  Facebook or google,  Just click the links below to write us an encouraging message which will also let other people know what we mean to you…

3. Making the best of being a Mobile Nail Technician during Covid-19 - Granting Appointment Flexibility

We have already discussed the fact that when we return to work, with any luck, we will be in great demand and as such we will be working 24-7  to ensure all of your nails are reinstated to their former glory.  You can expect a lot more availability and flexibility from us in the immediate aftermath of this very strange time.

Mobile Nail Technician 24-7 Social distancing Covid-19

4. Making the best of being a Mobile Nail Technician during Covid-19 - Putting People First

Mobile Nail Technician putting people first

As mentioned earlier, stopping work during this time was not an easy decision. However as with most of the country we recognise that your health and well-being and ours is paramount both in the immediate future and to provide longevity to our client/technician relationship. Many of you we consider friends, we have known you for many years, we know your families and although your nails and your business are very important to us, you as people are irreplaceable.

5. Making the best of being a Mobile Nail Technician during Covid-19 - Keeping Extra Clean

As before the social distancing measures came in to place you can expect new measures in place on our return. We will be wearing gloves and masks to carry out treatments and continuing with our usual sanitisation techniques.

Mobile Nail Technician Keeping Extra Clean

6. Making the best of being a Mobile Nail Technician during Covid-19 - Getting Nail-artistic

Be rest assured that the time in lockdown has not gone to waste. We have been practising our nail art skills. Just before lockdown we had discovered Amy G nail art range and had ordered lots of new things to try. Due to this situation we have actually had time to try some of the new products and perfect our skills using them. This has also led us to look at other Nail Art techniques such as Ombre Nails and Nail Stamping which can be really effective. So look out for different finish options on our return.

7. Making the best of being a Mobile Nail Technician during Covid-19 -Adding New Services

Mobile Nail Technician Adding New Services

We have also been looking into adding new services to our treatment list. As a business we don’t jump on every nail band wagon but when something good comes along we like to explore it. As a lover of hybrid techniques such as Dipped acrylic nails, I think this is a product worth trialling. Hybrid techniques often combine the best attributes of multiple products. Polytek is a combination of acrylic and gel. It claims to be strong and flexible, light and comfortable to wear and easy to remove making it kind to your natural nails.  We are waiting for this product to arrive and will be testing it stringently before adding it to our list but watch this space…

8. Making the best of being a Mobile Nail Technician during Covid-19 -Staying Connected

Staying in touch has never felt more important. While family and friends are always front and centre, we do want to stay in touch. As a business we will be stretching our communication muscles as we don’t want you to forget about us. Please say Hi! on social media, reply to messages and emails and feel free to call or text for any advice on how to manage your nails during lockdown. We are happy to help and would be really pleased to hear from you.

Mobile Nail Technician staying connected

Remember... we are getting through this together! Don’t be a stranger