Gel Nails Maidstone - Top 4 FAQ's Answered right here

Gel Nails Maidstone – Top 4 FAQ’s Answered right here…

Gel Nails Maidstone FAQ's answered here....

Gel Nails Maidstone Question 1 :- Does Gel ruin your nails?

The truth is that the regular application and removal of ANY product could weaken or damage your nails. It will depend on the type of technique used by the Nail Technician or you?

Here at Nail Extensions Maidstone we would never advocate the use of a mechanical drill. The risk of damage to the natural nail is far too great. The removal process should be gentle and not rushed. So when applied and removed by a professional having a Gel Polish will NOT ruin your nails.

Question 1:- Does Gel Polish ruin your nails?

Gel Nails Maidstone Question 2 :- How long does Gel Polish last?

How long does Gel Polish Last ?

A Gel polish applied to natural nails will usually last 2-3 weeks. This does depend on lifestyle and the clients habits. Gel Polish is a durable product and chip resistant. It will adhere to the nail plate well, but let’s be honest. It will not withstand been picked or bitten off!

At Nail Extensions Maidstone we would recommend a Gel Polish for clients that are happy with the length of their nails, and do not need any additional strength.

Gel Polish is perfect to wear and go, and is a fantastic finishing product over acrylic nails, fibreglass and SNS. Once it is cured under a UV or LED lamp they are dry. The finish is shiny and flawless.  

Gel Nails Maidstone Question 3 :- How is Gel Polish Removed?

How gel polish is removed

The surface of the gel needs to be gently buffed to break the seal and then the nails needs to be soaked in acetone or wrapped in an acetone wrap. At Nail Extensions Maidstone we only hand file and do not advocate the use of any mechanical drills.

Gel Nails Maidstone Question 4:- What is the difference between Gel Polish and Acrylics?

Gel Polish and Acrylic nails are completely different. Acrylic nails most commonly refer to nail extensions or overlays. Acrylic is  a powder and liquid product which can be used to add strength to your natural nail or to lengthen to your nails by adding a nail extension. Think ‘Rhianna’ or ‘Kylie Jenner’. These are filed and shaped to look natural or dramatic, long or short (oval, rounded, coffin shaped, square etc)

Gel Polish is a cosmetic finish to add colour and gloss to your natural nails or to finish nail extensions. Gel polish comes in many different colours. It is more durable and lasts longer than a traditional Nail Polish. It is thicker and more flexible that a traditional nail polish and so flexes with the natural nail. It is cured under a UV or LED lamp. Sometimes this is referred to as ‘Shellac’ this is simply a brand name for one of the many brands of Gel Polish that can be purchased.

At Nail Extensions Maidstone we have over 100 Gel Polish colours to choose from. We use Shellac, Gellux, Manicure, Halo, IBD to name a few of the brands. The only problem you will have is choosing a colour.

At Nail Extensions Maidstone we just LOVE Gel Polish. It is flexible, durable and comes in such a wide range of colours. There is always something to please everyone.

  • Gel Polish is fantastic for natural nails because it can last 2-3 weeks
  • Acrylic and Fibreglass nails can be finished with Gel Polish
  • SNS can also be finished with a Gel polish
  • It is super shiny with a shine that lasts
  • It is dry instantly so no more leaving the salon and smudging your polish

Sometimes you just want everything to match!! So whatever product you like to wear on your nails, you can almost guarantee there will be a suitable Gel colour to complement your toes, your wedding hat, your dress or whatever is it that is important to you in that moment. Gel Polish has it covered..

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